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Rolls-Royce delivers some of the most advanced engineering solutions in the world. We power nuclear submarines and vast aircraft carriers, give flight to highly efficient aircraft and add speed to supersonic jets. Our engines hold the current land speed record, and the ships we design are redefining emissions standards at sea.

The products, components and services we deliver to our global customer base are renowned for engineering excellence, technological innovation and manufacturing quality. And it's all down to the talent and drive of our people.

Whether they are driving complex negotiations with multi-national clients or enhancing performance on world-leading engines across Asia, Europe and North America, their relentless pursuit of brilliance puts us in a class of our own. Together, they look for ways to go further, to deliver faster and to create better.

It's an exciting, challenging and immensely rewarding place to start your career. Especially if you're eligible to join us on an internship, graduate programme or apprenticeship. These development programmes offer world-class training, comprehensive support and a chance to gain the experience and business exposure you need to become an expert in your area.

Wherever you join, you'll learn, grow and be given the tools you need to realise every ounce of your potential. But this is about much more than developing your abilities. For talented, ambitious and committed individuals, this is an opportunity to make an impact within a world-famous business; to help shape the way we think and work, and to deliver products that have the potential to change entire industries.

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Our programmes
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