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Craig Taylor
Head of Communications
Anette Bonnevie Wollebæk
Communications Manager – Nordic Region
Simon Kirby
External Communications Manager – Marine
Bill O'Sullivan
Communications Manager
Debbie Huston
Head of Communications
Erin Atan
Communications Director – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Turkey
Frank-Martin Hein
Head of Communications
Joel Reuter
Director of Communications
Nick Britton
Marketing & Communications Director
George McLaren
Communications Manager
Richard Wray
Director of External Communications
Sarah Roberts
External Communications Manager
Stefan Wortmann
Head of Communications & Sustainability
Silke Rockenstein
External Communications Manager Trade Media
Stefan Wriege
Communications Manager
Stephanie Kennedy
Senior Communications Manager – Singapore & Content planning, Asia

Tel: +65 6240 3358
Mobile: +65 9069 8474

Wolfgang Boller
Senior Communications Manager
Jessica Ogilvie
Senior Communications Manager, Southeast Asia

Tel: +65 6240 3626
Mobile: +65 9489 9498

Aida Gao
Head of Communications – China

Tel: +65 6240 3361
Mobile (CH): +86 13910277124

Aparna Srivastava
Head of Communications – India & South Asia
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