Our people

Our future depends on the skills, knowledge and passion of our current and future people. We work to create an environment where every employee can reach their full potential, encouraging diversity, engagement and development.

Our people strategy brings together three imperatives:

Enabling business transformation

The extent, scale and pace of business change and transformation over the next several years is unprecedented, and will require;

Building strategic capabilities

Developing key organisational, leadership, technical and functional capabilities for future performance and growth

Creating a lean, agile, High Performing Culture

Achieving our strategic goals requires that we have the right cultural elements that support our workforce to be enabled, engaged and energised to drive performance and growth.

To deliver these strategic imperatives we enable:

Leadership – be developing leaders who engage the workforce and lead for innovation and growth

Talent – by attracting, motivating, developing and retaining talented and committed people

Organisational effectiveness – by continually enhancing our culture and effectiveness

Our performance