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Inspection cameras & systems

Inspection systems

Rolls-Royce offers a variety of products for the inspection of facility piping and components. Always robust and portable, our series of remote visual inspection tools can handle visual inspection tasks from nuclear fuel pools to pipe runs and everything in between.

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Underwater camera systems


Reliable Remote Visual Inspection equipment is vital to your facilities maintenance needs. The B618-VIS (Vessel Inspection System) is just one more way we can help simplify inspection tasks, while maintaining the robust, versatile and reliable qualities you need.

The B618-VIS provides versatility unmatched in the industry today. Utilizing the B618-UCH (Universal Camera Head), the system allows you to inspect tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, fuel pools or any hazardous or otherwise inaccessible areas of your facilities. Full color, high definition video output and 355˚ of pan and tilt ensure the full visual coverage of your inspection task all in one easy to use, portable inspection system.

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In-air camera systems


The FICS-2 has become a standard tool for multiple inspection needs throughout the nuclear industry.

The FICS-2 adjustable pole camera system readily lends itself to the inspection of vaults, cable trays, tanks and other confined or open air applications.

Complete with an adjustable 12’ telescoping fibreglass pole, no inspection need is out of reach. A convenient shoulder strap allows your inspection personnel to have all of the FICS-2 functionality within arms reach. Control lighting, zoom and tilt all while recording flawless inspection imagery from anywhere in your facility.

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