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The LiftFan, a 50-inch, two-stage counter-rotating fan capable of generating more than 20,000 lbf of thrust, is driven from a conventional gas turbine and produces the forward vertical lift. The 3BSM is a swiveling jet pipe capable of redirecting the main engine thrust downward to provide the rear vertical lift. The jet pipe can rotate through 95 degrees in 2.5 seconds and passes 18,000 lbf of thrust. Aircraft roll control is achieved using the Roll Posts mounted in the wings of the aircraft, which provide a further 1,950 lbf of thrust each.

System specifications

LiftFan ·20,000lbf (89kN) cold thrust

·2 stage counter rotating fan

·Utilises world leading hollow blisk technology

3 Bearing Swivel Module ·Directs 18,000lbf (80kN) thrust from main engine

·Rotates 95 degrees in 2.5 seconds

·Reheat capable during conventional flight

Roll Posts ·Direct 1,950lbf (8.7 kN) bypass thrust from main engine

·Hydraulically actuated nozzles during STOVL operations

·Provide aircraft roll control and lateral stability

Applications Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter