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AE 2100

Product details

  • AE 2100 shares a common core with other AE engines and sets new standards in performance, efficiency and economy in modern turboprop engines
  • AE 2100A - in the 4,000 shp range powers the SAAB 2000 in civil application
  • The engine's success and versatility is highlighted by its selection for key military transport applications the C130J ‘Hercules’ and C-27J ‘Spartan’ 

The AE 2100 is a turboprop derivative of the T406 turboshaft engine. It has been developed to power the new generation of high-speed regional aircraft in the 50 to 70 seat category, military transports and long-range maritime patrol aircraft.

The engine is coupled to a new technology six-bladed Dowty propeller for use on the 50-seat Saab 2000 and the Lockheed C-130J Hercules military transport.

Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems (LMATTS) is using the AE 2100D2 to power its new C-27J Spartan medium airlifter, which is an upgrade of the G.222 aircraft, and the ShinMaywa US-1A amphibious search and rescue aircraft using an AE 2100J.

The first AE 2100 prototype ran in 1988 and successful flight tests were undertaken in 1990 on a P-3 Orion test bed. The AE 2100A, AE 2100C and AE 2100D3 are all FAA certified.

  • The AE 2100 turboprop is a two-shaft design with a 14-stage compressor driven by a two-stage HP turbine
  • The two-stage IP turbine drives a compound planetary reduction gearbox.
  • The engine is the first to use dual FADECs (full authority digital engine control) to control both engine and propeller