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M250 turboshaft

The industry-standard 420-715 shp turboshaft engine
  • More than 31,000 engines produced, with 16,000 in service
  • More than 220 million flight hours logged to date
  • More than 170 different helicopter and fixed-wing applications in both civil and military markets

The M250 turboshaft engines are of two-shaft modular design featuring a two-stage LP turbine, two-stage HP turbine, and a gearbox with 6,000rpm output. Compressed air is routed to the aft end of the engine for combustion, with exhaust gases exiting from the middle of the engine.

The Series II features four to six-stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressors with a hydromechanical fuel control system. The larger Series IV family is identical in layout except for having a single-stage centrifugal rather than an axial/centrifugal compressor.

The latest Series IV turboshafts also feature a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system.