What we do

Rolls-Royce is a global company providing highly-efficient integrated power and propulsion solutions. Our power systems are predominantly used in aerospace, marine, energy and off-highway applications.

We are one of the world’s leading producers of aero engines for large civil aircraft and corporate jets. We are the second largest provider of defence aero engines in the world. Rolls-Royce is well established in the marine sector where we design vessels and integrate power systems. We have a growing presence in civil nuclear power, drawing on our skills and experience of over 50 years in powering nuclear submarines. Our MTU brand is world-renowned in high-speed diesel engines powering applications as diverse as rail locomotives and luxury yachts.

We support our customers through a worldwide network of offices, manufacturing and service facilities.

Vision: ‘better power for a changing world’

Better power
helping our customers do more, using less

Better future
committed to innovation, powering better, cleaner growth

Better business
investing in technology, people and ideas to improve all aspects of our performance

Group technology


High technology and advanced engineering applied across the Group

Deep understanding of materials, electronics, data management and services

Whole systems integration


Different businesses and investment cycles

Scale provides resilience and helps to fund R&D

Breadth increases market access


Long-term and growing markets driven by increased travel and trade by air and sea

Environmental regulation plays to our technology strengths

Strengths of the Group

Growth markets

The fundamentals of the business are strong. We have the technology and the skills to remain at the forefront of markets that will grow over the long term

Strong order book

Original equipment order book and multi-year service contracts provide long-term visibility of revenues

R&D commitment

Investing more than £1.2 billion per year in innovation and technology to address new markets and meet current and future customer needs