Our people are our power’ Our people are our power

We strive to establish an inclusive culture that enables everyone to fully contribute to our success around the world. Bringing this vision to life means creating a workplace that supports the diversity of our customers, suppliers and the communities and geographies where we work.

Being an employer of choice also means we create an inclusive environment where individuals respect and embrace diversity. It's also a place where people feel inspired to fully contribute as part of a collaborative, high-performing global team.

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What does being diverse and inclusive mean in practice?

Diversity is 'difference'. We see it as the unique characteristics of an individual and the qualities, experience, background and approach they bring.

Inclusion is 'valuing difference'. In our company it describes a working environment where people have the freedom to approach business goals in a variety of ways. Different ways of looking at the world are valued and people are free to contribute to their full potential.

Within our fully inclusive workplace we aim to create an environment where people are treated fairly, based on their capability and contribution.

Diversity and inclusion aren't 'soft' business benefits. They create real competitive advantage by facilitating:

  • Better access to different markets, with greater customer insights
  • Greater recognition of risks and opportunities, with a better understanding of the economic and political context
  • More effective teams with enhanced engagement and team working
  • Better decision making, with teams encouraged to test ideas
  • Innovative thinking that's built on diverse ideas and experiences.

Our reputation as a leading and highly respected power systems company depends on our ability to be trusted to deliver excellence. This position is strengthened by the diversity of our workforce. We encourage people from all backgrounds to join us. We want the very best to be a part of our company, irrespective of background.

There is also undisputed research demonstrating that more diverse teams make better decisions. We truly have an opportunity to build an organisation where different ways of thinking inspire innovation.

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Our senior managers set the strategic direction of our business. They are role models and represent us both internally and externally. They help to create demand for increased diversity. They actively seek out better data so that we can understand the link between this diversity and high performance.

Our Global Diversity Steering Group was formed in 2009 and includes members of the Board and Global Executives.

But it's not just our senior people who take diversity and responsibility seriously. Everyone in our company has a role to play in this. We support our people during inductions with training and by having the right policies in place.

There are also a number of specific groups that make diversity and inclusion a priority:

  • Global Diversity Steering Groups set the strategic direction and are ambassadors for the company. They consist of executives, non-executive directors and senior leaders. In addition, our sector presidents monitor progress.
  • The Global Diversity and Inclusion team informs the strategic direction and provides systems and tools to bring it alive in the business.
  • The Global Diversity Working Group is responsible for embedding diversity and inclusion in all our people-related processes, analysing performance and benchmarking externally.
  • Our Early Career team ensures that diversity and inclusion are a focus for educational outreach, attraction, recruitment and ongoing development. Diversity is a shared objective for each manager in the Early Career Pipeline team for 2013.
  • As part of our Community Outreach programme, 400 STEM ambassadors and 300 school governors nurture a more diverse talent pool from which we can recruit.
  • The day-to-day activity coordinated through the Community Investment team has diversity and inclusion at its heart. The team provides community programmes targeted at under-represented groups that are supported by employees throughout our organisation. We consider who to support based on the anticipated demographic of participation and type of activities. During 2012 we invested over 100 employees' time supporting these types of programmes.
  • HR directors and business partners take responsibility for diversity and inclusion through activities such as people development meetings, succession planning and recruitment.
  • A Women's Network makes it easier for women to meet and support each other, both within the organisation and outside.

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To give an idea of our approach to diversity and inclusion, here are a few examples of recent activities:

  • Our Chairman mentors a senior female from another company and three senior female executives are participating in the FTSE 100 Cross Company Mentoring Programme. A member of our Board has also spoken at the House of Lords' Science and Technology Committee's inquiry into STEM shortages among women.
  • We launched a Reverse Mentoring Programme in 2011 in which future senior leaders advise, guide and mentor our current senior leaders. Seventeen of our most senior executives and a diverse group of high potential people (including 12 women) took part. Feedback showed it was successful and we're planning to continue it in 2013.
  • We supported the Powerful Media Future Leaders publication and Career Start fair celebrating the UK's most outstanding black students and new graduates.
  • We are sponsoring the 2013 TargetJobs Female Undergraduate of the Year Award and the Women's Business Forum.
  • We are proud to support the UK Government's Think, Act, Report initiative designed to drive greater transparency on gender employment issues.
  • We introduced new family-friendly benefits to increase our attractiveness as an employer in 2012 and are increasing services in 2013.
  • We support the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) whose mission is to increase the number of underrepresented minority women and men pursuing engineering degrees. 
  • STEMconnector aims to promote STEM careers amongst girls and women.  Lisa Teague, Director of Research and Technology  in our Indianapolis, US operations was recently named among the 100 Women Leaders in STEMconnector.
  • Women leading the way in science, technology and education were honoured at the Leading Light Awards Gala organised by the Women and Hi Tech organisation. Two of the five winners were from our company:
    • Outstanding Dedication to Mentoring and Growth of Women in Science, Technology or Engineering: Tiffany White - Work Package Owner, Helicopter Engines, Rolls-Royce Corp.
    • Outstanding Achievement in Science, Technology, or Engineering:  Rona Pepmeier - Global Executive Master Black Belt, Rolls-Royce North America.

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