We invest in improving employee capability We invest in improving employee capability

Our people and their individual growth are crucial to our business success. That's why our journey to becoming a world-class business depends on the development of our people.

This means building the best management team in the power systems sector. We are achieving this by investing in training, education and development programmes that improve both employee and corporate capability.

We provide an educational framework that makes sure we can anticipate and respond to changing technical, market and customer needs. In short, our training and development programmes:

  • Raise standards of competitive performance
  • Develop business management and leadership skills that sustain our profitability
  • Promote innovation
  • Help people realise their potential
  • Lead to customer satisfaction
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Reflect the international nature of our company

We are actively involved in the wider world of education. For example we work with appropriate bodies to influence government policy on education. Our focus on learning and the continuous pursuit of improvement positions us at the forefront of engineering, scientific and technological skills development.

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We are a global employer of scientists and engineers. As such we recognise the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects and believe that promoting study in these areas is crucial to our business.

That's why we're committed to inspiring young people to pursue rewarding STEM careers. It is also why we are actively involved in a range of activities with partners in the education sector. We believe that STEM studies are important for two principal reasons:

  • They provide a source of exciting opportunities for young people
  • They are vital for building a strong pipeline of future talent.

But we go even further than this. We recognise the importance of connecting STEM studies in the classroom with how STEM is applied in the world of work. We aim to support this by encouraging better STEM teaching and a higher take-up of pupils studying technical subjects.

This isn't just a statement of intent: we're already providing resources and finances through a range of activities. They include:

  • Contributing £1m to Project ENTHUSE, a partnership between organisations such as Astra Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, BAE Systems, BP, the Wellcome Trust and government. We are all dedicated to the continuous professional development of STEM subject teachers, through the Science Learning Centres.
  • Sponsoring The Big Bang UK Young Scientist and Engineers fair that attracted over 45,000 delegates last year.
  • Providing teachers and students with access to resources through our sponsored portal called Where STEM Can Take You.
  • Through the Rolls-Royce science prize we have given over £800,000 to more than 300 UK schools to support science education.

We are determined to address the problem of the relatively low numbers of young women and ethnic minorities in STEM degree programmes. We need them to help us develop a more diverse workforce and deliver some of the very best technology to the world.

Find out more information on our education outreach activities.

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