Our people are our power Our people are our power

We employ over 42,000 people in more than 50 countries. To deliver on our promises and grow our business, we need skilled employees who are engaged and 'trusted to deliver excellence' for our customers.

This means creating a diverse and inclusive working environment that attracts and keeps the best people, supports their development and helps them to understand why their work is important.

We believe that valuing and empowering individuals is critical to our success and sustainability as a business. That's why we work so hard to find and develop talented people while creating a climate in which they can flourish.

We recognise we are on a journey to create a world-class culture and are putting in place a framework to deliver on our aspirations.

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Everyone who joins our team is encouraged to take on board our vision, our values and our strategic aims.

  • Vision: Better power for a changing world
  • Values: Trusted to deliver excellence
  • Strategic aims: To focus on customers, innovation and profitable growth.

We have nurtured a culture where managers lead by example and our employees are focused and flexible team players. Everyone is asked to accept personal responsibility for how they perform and to find ways of supporting their colleagues.

But we also know that keeping people engaged is a two-way process. That is why we welcome feedback and provide well-established communication channels for employees and their representatives to share issues and concerns.  We recognise high performance through a range of pay, share and incentive programmes. This allows our people to share in the success of our business.

Being part of our team means:

  • Being trusted to deliver excellence for our customers, business and people
  • Leading with openness and honesty
  • Being personally valued and recognised, with a voice that's heard
  • Enjoying your work and sharing mutual respect with your colleagues.

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Our ability to deliver excellence rests on the skills of our people. That's why we invest significant development resources in:

  • Leadership
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Customer facing and commercial roles.

It's about putting in place recruitment and development plans tailored to help us find and retain the best people cost effectively. We spread our recruitment net across industry, schools, colleges and universities. This allows us to attract both experienced and new talent.

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