Leadership perspective from our CEO, John Rishton

John Rishton

I believe that our commitment to the 4 C’s; customer, concentration, cost and cash, will help us to achieve our vision of Better power for a changing world.

Our business priorities are to deliver on the promises we have made, decide where to grow and where not to, and to improve our financial performance. Sustainability will play a critical role in ensuring we can deliver on these promises.

Customer – Continual improvement of our products and services will allow our customers to do more using less.

Concentration – Investment in product development, improving operational performance and the development of our people will help us to grow our business to secure a better future.

Cost and Cash – Investing in improvement projects and reducing our wastes and inefficiencies will help us to accelerate profitable growth and drive a better business for our shareholders.

Sustainability makes good business sense. Our strategy must be to create a sustainable business, through our focus on customer, innovation and profitable growth. Our commitment is to continuously improve the environmental performance of our products and services. The Executive Leadership Team has overall responsibility for driving sustainability across the business.

In 2014, we will be revising our key performance indicators for sustainability. These will help drive improved performance and demonstrate that we manage our business for the long-term addressing financial, social, environmental and ethical concerns.

If we were not continually improving the performance of our products, our people and our operations then we will not remain competitive.