Introduction from our CEO, John Rishton

Our company vision is to provide “Better power for a changing world”.To help achieve this we invest significantly in research and technology that allows us to develop increasingly efficient power systems. The engines we build and maintain today are far more fuel efficient, quieter and durable than they were a decade ago. The power plants that we produce in a decade’s time will set higher standards still. This helps the environment and our customers, enabling them to do more, using less.

Our ability to meet our customers’ requirement for continual improvement depends critically on the quality of the people we employ. Therefore we place a high priority on training and professional development. We have deep relationships with Universities around the world and actively support science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) teaching at school.

Ours is a long term business and we benefit from being part of the fabric of the towns and cities where we invest. We encourage our people to play an active role in their communities and devote time and money to charitable causes, particularly those linked to education.

Focusing on the environmental performance of our products and operations, investing in our people and, engaging with our communities helps grow our business.

Our first priority is delivering the promises we have made to our customers. Our commitment to sustainability will help us meet their rising expectations.

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