A world of opportunity We offer a world of opportunity

A world of opportunities

Chidi Osisioma is a young Manufacturing Improvement Leader based in Derby, UK, who believes we offer graduates "a world of opportunities" for developing a fulfilling career.

Joining the company in 2010, 31-year-old Chidi has a degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. His job focuses on enhancing our manufacturing systems and processes and he recognises the importance of an inclusive culture.

"We’re a global company so it’s important for any individual who wants to work here to be able to think globally," said Chidi. "You also need to be able to show that you’re committed and passionate about what you do, and accountable to deliver what is expected of you."

Chidi has worked with teams from the UK, China, Germany and Canada since joining Rolls-Royce and says the company gives recruits the flexibility to work in a variety of areas.

"I have a colleague who started out with me in manufacturing who is now working in the customer business and commercial function," he explained. "In five years’ time I see myself managing a manufacturing facility. The great thing is I know the roles and responsibilities I’m picking up now will allow me to do that role effectively."

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