Our Seletar facility is recognised for environmental design and construction Our Seletar facility is recognised for environmental design and construction

Seletar facility, Singapore

Our new Seletar factory in Singapore opened in February 2012 and brings us closer to our growing customer base in Asia Pacific. The facility cost more than £280  million to build and has an internal floor area of 1.65 million square feet. The Seletar building comprises three main areas:

  • The Seletar Assembly and Test Unit (SATU), which produces large jet engines
  • A Wide Chord Fan Blade (WCFB) manufacturing facility
  • An Advanced Technology Centre and Regional Training Centre (Hub).

The facility was designed with five key 'green' environmental and sustainability criteria in mind: energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental protection, indoor environmental quality and other green and innovative features that contribute to better building performance. This has resulted in a number of 'green' innovations and achievements as follows:

Green initiatives at SeletarAssociated benefits
Energy efficiency in the cooling systems
Chiller and cooling system design optimised to provide best practice system efficiency 
Building orientated to minimise heat gain from direct sunlight
Heat recovery system to control building humidity
Recycling of Air Handling Unit (AHU) condensate water
Use of mid-temperature water system to dry coil units for clean room temperature control
Use of localised heat exhaust system to release heat gain from hot forming processes
Heat pump system for hot water production on the SATU building
Energy efficiency in the lighting systems
T5 fluorescent lightings for all offices
Energy efficient high bay lighting in production areas
LED lighting for all toilets
Motion sensors at all toilets and staircases
Reduced electricity costs
Estimated benefit equivalent to 20-25 per cent lower cooling costs Reduced electricity costs
Estimated benefit equivalent to 20 per cent lower lighting costs
Water system efficiency
Storm water management and grounds irrigation system
Rain water collection
Low usage fittings
Reduced water costs
Estimated benefit 3,000 litres pa
Other green measures
Hybrid car parking lots
Waste collection & Recycling
Green roof on the Hub building
Recycled and sustainable construction materials
Reduced environmental impact

The facility has been awarded a Platinum rating under Singapore's Building Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Scheme. This recognises the highest levels of environmental design in construction and the use of green building technologies.

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