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Promas propeller rudder system

Our integrated Promas propeller rudder system offers increased propulsive efficiency without any loss in manoeuvrability. The propeller and the rudder are designed together for optimum efficiency as a single propulsion unit.

We have incorporated a number of design innovations and adaptions to deliver impressive efficiency gains, including the following:

  • Three to six per cent increase in propulsive efficiency
  • Improved low speed manoeuvrability
  • Improved possibility for low pressure pulse / low noise propeller designs
  • Simple and robust design
  • Almost as easy to install as a conventional propeller-rudder system.

The best results are achieved on blunt single screw vessels where the efficiency gain can be as much as 6-9 per cent compared with conventional solutions.

For faster and more slender single or twin screw vessels such as car carriers, efficiency improvements of 2-5 per cent can be expected.

We have also introduced Promas Lite, a simplified version of Promas. This is ideal for vessel upgrading. Recent Promas Lite installations on twin screw cruise vessels demonstrate efficiency improvements up to 20 per cent, giving a payback period of well under two years. For these vessels the propeller designs were not only adapted to the Promas Lite system but also for the vessel's current operational profile.

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