We provide cleaner, greener energy in China We provide cleaner, greener energy in China

Greener energy in China

We are playing an important role in China's drive towards cleaner energy provision. Since 2004 we have been a major supplier of gas-turbine driven pipeline compressor units and related services to PetroChina for the 20,380km West-East Pipeline Project (WEPP). This is the world's longest pipeline.

Powering the efficient flow of natural gas, our RB211 gas turbine technology supports the use of cleaner, greener energy at industry-leading levels of efficiency to boost China's economic growth. The pipeline is also ensuring greater security of electricity supply to China's fast-developing cities.

The high simple cycle efficiency of the RB211 makes it ideal as a driver of pipeline compressors. Its low weight and the ability to quickly remove the gas generator for transport and routine maintenance is another critical feature for pipeline compression duty, given that pipeline networks often span remote and hostile locations, far from maintenance facilities.

To date 37 RB211-driven pipeline compressor units are installed on the vast WEPP natural gas pipeline network. This transports gas from China's western region through the central provinces and into the south eastern cities including Beijing.

When the latest, 7,000km long Line 3 phase of the WEPP pipeline development is completed in 2015, WEPP's total capacity will be over 60 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year.

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