We develop and deliver efficient systems, solutions and services We develop and deliver efficient systems, solutions and services

Efficient systems and services

In addition to leading edge efficiency, our technology enables very fast start-up and ramp-up and minimises emissions and fuel usage associated with the warm-up, starting and load following periods. For power grids containing increasing proportions of intermittent renewable generation, this requirement for efficient, flexible and cleaner gas turbine 'firm' capacity is paramount.

The system efficiency of our gas turbines is further enhanced by adding Exhaust Heat Recovery to produce steam or hot water for local heating or process needs ('cogeneration'). In addition our products can be used in combined cycle mode, which allows the greatest possible conversion efficiency of fuel energy to delivered power. They are also designed to complement each other in the most efficient manner possible – for example our RB211-H63 matched to the RFBB-30 compressor provides best in class overall train efficiency.

Our capability in gas, the cleanest fossil fuel, places us in a leading position to shape and capitalise on future growth in global energy demand. We are committed to developing increasingly low impact ways of utilising gas fuel. This is illustrated by our partnership with LG to develop a fuel cell technology with potentially game-changing levels of efficiency and low emissions.

Maintaining the highest standards of efficiency throughout the life-cycle of our products and improving the efficiency and emissions performance as products age are important aspects of our approach to sustainability. That's why we offer energy performance related servicing of our engines and driven equipment range during which we transfer our latest technology into existing products through upgrades and modifications in the field.

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