Supporting EDF with Efficient Peaking Power Supply Supporting EDF with Efficient Peaking Power Supply

Efficient peaking power supply

Two of our Trent 60 gas turbines are in service at the new EDF Luminus power plant located at Angleur in Liège, Belgium.

The Trent 60 gas turbines, each capable of producing 64 megawatts (MW) of power, can achieve fast start-up in just nine minutes. This is helping EDF Luminus deliver continuity of electricity supply to households and businesses in Liège during peak demand periods.

In addition, the Trent 60 gas turbines deliver significant emissions performance benefits, helping EDF Luminus to ensure that Liège has stable access to cleaner and more efficient electricity supply.

The units can operate on either liquid or gas fuel. Each features wet low emissions (WLE) and advanced inlet spray inter-cooling (ISI) technologies to reduce emissions and ensure that maximum power output is maintained over a wide range of temperatures.

The EDF plant was the first operated in the world with Trent 60 64MW units. The high electrical efficiency of the Trent 60 allows it to obtain primary energy savings, especially when used in cogeneration or combined cycle applications where waste heat is also utilised. This opens opportunities for the Belgian cogeneration market in which the certification system specifically supports high efficiency cogeneration plants. 

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