Our people

Our people

Our culture fosters innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement. Developing strong people management and leadership capabilities alongside our technical expertise helps ensure that our employees are engaged and understand the wider role they play to the Group’s success.

We need the right people in the right place, doing the right things in the right way, to satisfy our customers and achieve our goals.

Our people strategy has two elements:

Creating a climate for success
Across the company we must create the right environment, the right leadership, the right encouragement and the right rewards to make sure everyone can do their best and fulfil their potential.

Attracting and developing the best people
In such a competitive environment, our long-term success depends on our ability to recruit and develop the very best men and women from around the world. This means creating diversity and embracing change.

We are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce for all. This helps ensure our continued success as a global business and contributes towards a better future.

We face challenges in increasing diversity across the organisation but are working with our leadership teams, championed by our Executive Leadership Team, to raise awareness and to create a more inclusive workplace.

We have been active in piloting a number of programmes to encourage female leadership, including membership of the 2% Club, Pearls, the Women’s business forum, and a family friendly programme supporting parents. We have also maintained our participation in the FTSE 100 mentoring programme at senior levels, and our Chairman, Ian Davis, continues to be involved.

Over recent years we have seen increased levels of diversity in both our early career and high potential pool, with females making up 26 per cent of our graduate intake in 2013, 24 per cent of our high potential population, as compared to 15 per cent of our general population.

Examples of how we are encouraging diversity across the Group include:

• African and Caribbean Networking Group

• Rolls-Royce Women – Germany

• Rolls-Royce Women – US

• Sponsorship of the UK Female Undergraduate of the Year Award, in partnership with TargetJobs

• Supporting external gender research programmes in the Asia Pacific region.

Our approach to human rights is reflected in the policies and standards we have established, and forms an integral part of our Global Code of Conduct.

Our global employment policies outline the high standards we expect from our people, and the benefits and support they can expect from us in return. Our Human Rights Policy sets out our commitment to respect the human rights of our employees through core labour standards on employee involvement, diversity and equality, pay and benefits, working hours, forced labour and child labour. We set similar standards for our external suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Breaches of our policies and standards are actively addressed on a case by case basis.

Employee engagement is critical to our success. We recognise that our managers have an important part to play in engaging their teams and we support them in developing the management and leadership skills they need.

We use a variety of channels to communicate with our employees, including face-to-face and online communications. We encourage collaboration and employee suggestions and feedback through these systems.

In addition, we have mechanisms in place for employees to be able to raise concerns both formally and anonymously, including through our Rolls-Royce Ethics Line.

We have well-established frameworks for managing employee and trade union/ representative participation, including formal information and consultations.

Our incentive schemes and all-employee share plans enable every employee to have the opportunity to share in our success.

Our people and their individual growth are crucial to our success as a business. We strongly encourage our employees to improve their knowledge and enhance their careers by providing them meaningful training and development.

Training and development

We provide an education framework that makes sure we can anticipate and respond to the changing technical market and customer needs.

Our training and development programmes:

  • Raise the standards of competitive performance

  • Develop business management and leadership skills

  • Promote innovation

  • Help people realise their potential

  • Contribute to increased customer satisfaction

In 2013, we support almost 50,000 employees, customers and suppliers through our online learning management system. Our learning investment for the year was £39.7 million. We delivered a total of 272,000 training courses throughout the year.


Our ability to deliver excellence is based on the ability of our people. That’s why we make sure we have a highly skilled and professional workforce to continue to deliver on our promises to the customer now and into the future.

We work actively to attract young people to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects to maintain our future talent pipeline around the world.

In 2013, we recruited 2,350 experienced professionals, alongside our expanding graduate and apprentice programmes.