External partnerships

Senator Donnelly & Congressman Carson opened our new facility in Indianapolis, US

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External partnerships

Prime Minister David Cameron meets apprentices, UK

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External partnerships

President Obama addresses our employees at our Crosspointe facility, US

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External partnerships

Our Seletar facility was opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore

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External partnerships

The International Aerospace Environmental Group annual meeting, UK

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We engage in dialogue and partnerships to align our business needs with the requirements of our major stakeholders, including customers, governments and industry bodies.

Government engagement

Governments are often our direct customers. We work to build strategic relationships with host governments in our key market countries.

The EU and national governments set the legislative and policy framework within which our business must be conducted.

They are a potential source of funding and support for research and technology, research and development, manufacturing, education and training initiatives, as well as for certain capital projects. On occasion they also provide support or sponsor our partners, suppliers and competitors.

We are committed to undertaking any lobbying activities in compliance with all applicable laws, and to behaving ethically in all our interactions with governments, their agencies and representatives.

All lobbying and engagement activities are conducted in line with the principles set out in our Global Code of Conduct.

Rolls-Royce is registered in the EU’s Transparency register.

Industry partnerships

We work in partnership with industry bodies across our sectors to deliver the best value for our customers.

We are members of industry bodies and trade organisations that represent our sector and Group interests.

Examples include:

  • Aerospace, Defence and Security (ADS) Group

  • Aerospace Industries Association Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

  • EU Turbines

  • International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG)

  • Organisation for International Investment

  • The AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe

  • US Chambers of Commerce

Globally, we are members of local Chambers of Commerce in our countries of operation.

Shareholder relations

Communications with shareholders regarding business strategy and financial performance are available through our dedicated internet site and published in our Annual Report.