Innovation is our lifeblood. Our capacity to innovate, year on year, is key to our competitive edge. It is our strong tradition of innovation that helps us to continually deliver value to our customers.

We are embedding a culture of innovation across the business. We are looking to all our people for ideas that improve how we work and how we are organised, as well as the technology we develop and the products and services we provide.

We know that to drive innovation we must create the right environment; curious, challening, unafraid of failure, open-minded and able to change with pace.

We have over 15,690 professional engineers worldwide who can apply their intellect and experience to improving the performance of our products. In 2015 we recruited 160 graduates into Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering Early Career Development Programmes.

Our 150 strong Rolls-Royce Engineering Fellowship applies world-class leadership of technical expertise to our most complex challenges. The annual Sir Henry Royce Awards celebrate excellence in innovation, along with other innovation awards across the Group.

We also have a global network of 31 University Technology Centres, engaging over 700 academics in fundamental research into cutting edge technologies.

Our vision approach
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We manage our business for the long term. We envision technology acquisition and innovation ahead of customer need, over 20 year horizons.

This ongiong commitment is essential to create the intellectual property needed to meet the future requirements of our customers.

Vision 5

Near term technologies that we have under control and are embedding in products.

Vision 10

Leading edge, validated technologies for application in the medium term. Most of these are at demonstration level today and will feature in the next generation of products.

Vision 20

Emerging, or as yet unknown, technologies which may be applied across our product range in both Aerospace and Land & Sea.

Our competitive advantage is found in the research laboratory right through to the way we leverage and coordinate our powerful global engineering and manufacturing community.

Our investment in technology and skilled people is vital for a company that has advanced engineering at its core. Ultimately it delivers the differentiated, high-technology products that attract our customers.

Trent XWB - the world's most efficient aero engine