Work experience for 14 - 19 year olds

Work Experience at Rolls-Royce

“Businesses want young people to be more ready for the workplace. To help them build their employability skills, to gain early experience of the world of work and to help them understand the future career options available to them in the exciting world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), Rolls-Royce remains committed to providing a high number of quality work experience opportunities for young people (age 14-19) across our UK sites.

Through our work experience programme we engage a wide diversity of young people, open their eyes to what is possible, inform career decisions, give them the chance to prove themselves to us and help instil the attitudes and behaviours expected at work.”

Paul Broadhead, Head of Community Investment & Education Outreach, Rolls-Royce.


We aim to attract a diverse range of people onto our Work Experience programme in order to help create a more diverse pipeline into Rolls-Royce and the wider world of engineering. We encourage applications from all underrepresented groups including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. We also encourage a 50:50 gender balance on our programme.

Work Experience Reviews

“I was able to see many different aspects of being an engineer, and help with lots of different types of projects which I really enjoyed! I have been able to do useful work as well as learning about engines and test beds. I already knew I wanted to apply for an engineering degree at university, but this experienced allowed me to see that I definitely want to work as an engineer, and also learn about development engineering (which I didn’t really know about beforehand). Thank you very much for such a great experience that has shown me what life as an engineer could be like!
Katherine Gray, Arkwright Scholar

"I had little to no experience in engineering before my work experience with Rolls-Royce. T his opened the engineering door to me. I completed both practical and technical activities on various sites which greatly increased my confidence. This showed me that I could use my creativity and technical abilities side-by-side, and confirmed that this route was the right one for me”
Emma Allott, Advanced Apprentice, Rolls-Royce

Work Experience Duration

Our Work Experience programmes can be defined by the business area supporting each student’s placement. We recommend that the minimum duration for Work Experience is one week. This gives sufficient time for a variety of experiences to be provided together with time for targeted employability skills guidance and careers conversations.

Process for Students/Schools/Colleges Requesting Placements


GCSE Students should have or be studying for A – D Grades in Mathematics; English; Science and one other subject for a Practical placement. For a Technical placement, Students should have or be studying for A – C Grades in Mathematics; English; Science and one other subject.

From 31st July 2015 the application process will be available for placements starting January 2016 until December 2016. Students can apply directly or via their School/College.

Please note applications should be received at least two months prior to the start date.

Please complete and submit the attached WEX Application Form to

For Safeguarding reasons, we are requesting that students under the age of 18 only apply for placements within a reasonable travelling distance local to a Rolls-Royce site.