High ethical standards and behaviours, supported by good governance, are fundamental to our continued success.

We have set out three common behaviours that we expect of all employees. These will help us to make sure we maintain high ethical standards, build trust and help secure the long-term success of our business.

These are:

  • Win right – securing business fair and square
  • Focus with firm resolve – decide what needs to be done, then focus relentlessly on delivery
  • Communicate – simply, consistently and often

In January 2013 we appointed Lord Gold to lead a review of our process and procedures regarding compliance and business ethics. He is reporting his recommendations to the Board Ethics Committee and the Executive Leadership Team. As a result of an interim report the Group has started to implement initial recommendations through a holistic ethics and compliance improvement programme.

We continue to actively participate in ethical initiatives of the European and US aerospace and defence business sectors. We are a signatory to the “Common Industry Standards drawn up by the Aerospace, Defence and Security (ASD) Group.

We are also a Steering Committee member of the International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct (IFBEC). This organisation includes leading US and European companies in the aerospace and defence sectors. The forum aims to promote responsible and ethical business behaviours through the Global Principles of Business Ethics.

Fundamental to a healthy company are strong ethical standards and behaviours, supported by good governance.

Rolls-Royce Ethics Line
Global Code of Conduct