Our strategy

As a power systems company, Rolls-Royce focuses on supplying its customers with integrated systems to meet their power and propulsion needs. Our consistent strategy has five elements:

Address four global markets
We are a leading integrated power systems company operating in the civil and defence aerospace, marine and energy markets.
Invest in technology, infrastructure and capability
Over the past five years, we have invested £3.7 billion in research and development. We invest approximately £30 million annually in training and over £300 million a year on capital projects.
Develop a competitive portfolio of products and services
We have more than 50 current product programmes and we are involved in many of the future projects in the markets we serve. These key projects will define the power systems market for many years.
Grow market share and installed product base
Across the Group, the installed base of engines in service is expected to generate attractive returns over many decades.
Add value for our customers through the provision of product-related services
We seek to add value for our customers with aftermarket services that will enhance the performance and reliability of our products.

The core characteristics which define our business and underpin the delivery of this strategy are:

Closeness to our customers
We develop close relationships with our customers over many years. This allows us to offer solutions, often in partnership with our customers, to meet their specific requirements.

Domain knowledge
Underpinning our sales of equipment and related services is a deep knowledge of the overall environment in which our equipment is used. This allows us to provide the optimum level of service and focus our activities to meet our customers’ needs and grow our business.

Integrated systems
We supply our customers with products, related services and whole systems. Our ability to integrate and optimise systems enables us to create value for customers in all our main markets.

Technological superiority
Our investments in technology and capability provide Rolls-Royce and our customers with competitive advantage.

Operational excellence
We aim to operate at the highest standards, to ensure that we continue to meet our customers’ requirements in the quality, performance, durability and delivery of our products, systems and services.

Organisational capability
Because we are a global company we have the ability to recruit and retain capable people in many locations. Our investment in training and the varied career opportunities are key to our success in retaining high-quality people.

We have an exceptionally strong brand which is recognised globally and embodies qualities that create a common focus for all our people, wherever they are located.