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Turbine control solutions

Rolls-Royce has over 30 years of experience in rotary and static excitation systems utilising Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) systems and Electro Hydraulic Governors (EHG). Through a process of continuous development and improvement we have contributed to the advancement of turbine control solutions from the first analogue system produced in 1969 through to the latest developments in Digital Signal Processing (DSP).  We provide a full range of turbine control equipment solutions with the integration of exclusive in-house developed systems and best in class commercial off the shelf products.

Our extensive experience providing turbine control solutions can be seen in even the smallest details of all of our products and in turn allows for the uninhibited testing, qualification and implementation within the market.  This same experience also enables us to effectively and efficiently manage design, installation, commissioning and maintenance through the entire life cycle of our products.

High level benefits include:

  • Triplex architecture for higher availability and easy fault finding
  • On-line replaceable modules with automatic parameter alignment
  • Compact Modular constructure with minimal wiring

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