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Procurement engineering

Procurement engineering

Procurement Engineering Support Services Rolls-Royce provides an innovative procurement engineering solution to help support nuclear industry needs. Our Procurement Engineers have extensive industry experience and knowledge to provide a turnkey solution to your industry problems. Additionally, Rolls-Royce has the ability to tackle both your industry future demands and obsolescence issues with our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Demand module and Industry Shared Obsolescence Solutions.

Procurement Engineering Capability 

Rolls-Royce Procurement Engineers have experience with the procurement engineering process, procurement package preparation / research, procurement package construction, independent reviews of packages, etc. Our procurement engineers have experience with the following types of procurement engineering related packages:

  • Backlog items
  • Outage related / Current items
  • Equivalency evaluation / Obsolescence items
  • Test acceptance packages
  • Safety, Non-safety, or Quality related Items
  • Commercial grade dedication items
  • Technical evaluations
  • Receipt inspection / Vendor exception issues
  • Overage, Shortage, Damaged, Discrepant (OSDD) packages
  • Enhanced procurement to aid in the identification of counterfeit, substandard, or fraudulent items

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