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Plant health monitoring

Let Rolls-Royce help you connect all the dots. Rolls-Royce Plant Health Monitoring software allows System Engineers to easily create their plant and system health reports, send system issues directly to the Plant Health Committee, and track solutions from planning through completion.

The Plant Health Monitor software is a powerful tool that provides a central location to track all of your equipment reliability.  Plant Health Monitor enhances the communication between System Engineers and other departments at a plant, including design and management, to ensure system health related issues are resolved.

The System Inbox feature provides a System Engineer with updated information related to their system. Items such as Work Orders, Condition Reports, and Modifications which impact their system are collected from multiple plant data sources and displayed to the System Engineer in one easily manageable list.

The Site Matrix feature provides Plant Management and System Engineers a “bird’s eye” view of an entire plant’s system health status and how it is trending. The overall Site system health rating quickly shows Management the current health rating of their plant. Each system has a window that displays pertinent system health related information such as the current system health rating, an arrow that shows the trending of the system health rating, and a system’s current Maintenance Rule status. Management or system engineers are able to click on the system windows of this screen to drill down into more specific system details.

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