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Configuration Management Interface System (CMIS)

The Rolls-Royce Configuration Management Interface System consolidates all engineering processes at a facility into one reliable, streamlined enterprise system. It transforms the manual paper processes into an electronic format which allows for easy tracking, automated package generation and integration with records for simple document submission. Additionally, it ensures engineers follow procedures which eliminates costly human errors.

Benefits and Features of Rolls-Royce CMIS

Data Integrity

  • Automatic features including page numbering and form population eliminate occurrences of human error and inconsistencies


  • Reduces procedure interpretations and variance of the final product at a single station or across the fleet


  • Easily determine required, optional, and unavailable forms based on type of change
  • Simple Matrix format provides one location to view all forms for a Change Package
  • Quickly determine the status of a Change Package by viewing form completions

Time Saving

  • Allows cloning and duplication of existing Packages
  • Automatically generates forms and electronically implements required processes
  • Reduces the number of Condition Reports written against Change Packages


  • Enterprise Work Management Suites
  • Procedural requirements for Engineering Change Packages
  • Document Management Systems
  • Corrective Action Programs
  • Equipment data


  • Off-site hosting allows for quick turn-around of form revisions and application upgrades
  • Developed in accordance with the EPRI document, “Guidelines for Optimising the Engineering Change Process for Nuclear Power Plants” (TR- 103586-R1).

The Configuration Management Interface System - Lite (CMIS-Lite), is an easy to use tool. It creates engineering equivalencies customised to each fleet/site process and enforces procedural requirements. CMIS-Lite allows users to generate a complete package for an equivalency including forms in the application and any PDF attachments.

Benefits of Rolls-Royce CMIS-Lite:

  • Assists engineers with the process of creating Equivalency Change Packages and enforces procedural compliance
  • Developed to mimic existing Site Forms to minimize training required
  • Combines Site Forms with Attachments to generate a complete equivalency change in a single PDF allowing for easy submittal to records
  • Resolves many administrative errors when creating Equivalency Changes (such as page numbering issues)
  • Promotes engineering collaboration by allowing multiple people to modify/ access different portions of the same equivalency at the same time
  • Standardises Engineering Equivalency Forms
  • Off-site hosting allows for quick turn-around of form revisions and application upgrades
  • Web-based application allows for users worldwide to manipulate and utilize the same central database

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