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Component Information System (CIS)

Inspection data management solutions

The Component Information System (CIS) provides Rolls-Royce customers with the exclusive ability to view inspection data in real time, cutting characterisation and decision making time to a minimum. Access image and tracking data stored on a password protected, secure server twenty four hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

Rolls-Royce CIS is a database-driven, secure web application that gives you instant access to thousands of inspection pictures, and hundreds of site documents and component drawings. It’s optimised for steam generators, reactor vessels, and other plant components.

Benefits of the Rolls-Royce CIS:

  • Access real time inspection data worldwide via a password protected secure server reducing characteristion and decision making time to a minimum
  • Applicable to any inspection performed by Rolls-Royce
  • Access multiple inspections categorized by outage, component and the type of inspection performed for optimised trending of system conditions and advanced maintenance planning

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