Products & Services

Piping systems

Rolls-Royce offers a full line of robotic and manual delivery systems that has revolutionized our pipe inspection processes. These processes give Rolls-Royce the unique ability to perform diverse inspection, testing, cleaning and repair functions in a variety of lengths, sizes and types of piping systems.

This is a testament to Rolls-Royce and our level of expertise and ingenuity in the development and implementation of innovative solutions. At Rolls-Royce we realize that when it comes to quality piping inspections, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. That is why we provide our customers with a full toolbox of pipe inspection cameras, manual push fixtures, tracked pipe crawlers and even custom engineered solutions to satisfy every aspect of your pipe inspection needs.

Retrieval capabilities

Rolls-Royce provides a wide range of retrieval capabilities to the nuclear industry. Annually Rolls-Royce performs an average of 975 retrievals yearly, most of which are critical to plant safety and success. Our expert inspection and retrieval technicians are rigorously trained on the latest technological developments in both inspection and retrieval equipment and are in a continuous process of developing new methods, techniques and tooling for the benefit of our customers.

We also offer inspection cameras and systems for use throughout your facilities.