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Inspection, NDT & replication tooling

Inspection, NDT & replication tooling

The Rolls-Royce engineering team pulls from an elite pool of experts from around the globe with experience from facilities in many different countries. We are dedicated to providing customized, long term, advanced technical solutions to our global customer base. Leveraging decades of specialty nuclear engineering, project management  and hands on field experience, we work hand in hand with our customers from conception to implementation to deliver one of a kind solutions to the most challenging technical issues facing the nuclear industry today.

From small projects ranging only a few weeks or months in length to major developmental challenges spanning years, Rolls-Royce can create a custom engineered solution to suit your needs. Our rigorous engineering, qualification and testing processes coupled with our in house manufacturing capabilities and unmatched knowledge of nuclear generation systems continue to deliver nothing  short of excellence time after time.                                                                                              

Our inspection, NDT & replication tooling solution capabilities include :

  • Design, qualification and deployment  of remote NDT, Visual, sampling and repair solutions       
  • Custom engineered robotic solutions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Research
  • Maintenance tooling and programs
  • Training