Products & Services

Component repair

Rolls-Royce is a global leader in a range of in-situ repairs, active refurbishments and the replacement of failed, worn or obsolescent parts.

We offer a comprehensive suite of repair and refurbishment capabilities for nuclear plant. Our engineers are experienced in both the in-situ repair of primary components and pipework and component repair and refurbishment where the scope of service includes: the safe removal, shipping, repair and return of both active and in-active nuclear components.

Our engineers have the experience and capability to help customers proactively manage nuclear plant repairs and the mobility to respond rapidly to emergent repair work.

Active repair/refurbishment

Over the last decade Rolls-Royce has invested heavily in the training and development of a skilled team to achieve the safe and effective refurbishment of nuclear power plant components. As well as providing financial savings to the customer, the high quality workmanship is readily demonstrated by reconditioned equipment often providing better performance than the originally manufactured components.

Where the active refurbishment requirements for civil nuclear components exceed those currently available on-site, Rolls-Royce resource is deployable to support refurbishment closer to the customer’s location.