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Network video management solutions

Network video management solutions by Rolls-Royce are the best in class solutions that provides extensive visual coverage of any area of your industrial facility where cameras can be placed. We can provide you with both permanent and portable  custom designed solutions to fit your needs and adapt to your facility as it continues to grow.

The Rolls-Royce NVMS solutions allows for customized, unified management of video, audio and data across IP networks. Manage multiple jobs, monitor personnel and coordinate work flow all with one easy-to-use integrated system. The highest level of integration with site information such as maps and other site specific data is what separates the Rolls-RoyceNVMS system from all the others.

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Permanent NVMS solutions

Network Video Management System (NVMS)

As the demands of today's industrial environment continue to grow, so do the demands of the tools used to ensure a save and efficient work environment. Rolls-Royce understands your need for a safe, secure and efficient work environment.  We also realize that an out of the box solution may not be the best way to solve all of your remote monitoring needs.  The Rolls-Royce NVMS is the best in class solution that provides extensive visual coverage of any area of your facility that cameras can be placed.  We can provide you provide you with remote monitoring solutions custom designed to fit your needs and adapt to your facility as it continues to grow.  For more information on custom NVMS solutions, download our brochure or contact a sales representative.

Advantages of using Rolls Royce NVMS

  • Connect to an unlimited number of cameras with a fully expandable IP network
  • Analog compatibility allows the use of current system hardware
  • Worldwide remote connectivity
  • Multiple interface solutions (including mobile devices)
  • Portable options available for fast easy deployment in emergent situations


  • Multiple job coordination
  • Walk downs
  • Security
  • Containment areas
  • ALARA/ALARP job coverage
  • Outage support
  • Access points

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Portable NVMS solutions

Crash Cart

 Response to emergent situations has never been easier or more reliable than it is with the line of Roll-Royce heavy duty crash carts.

The robust, self-contained design of the Rolls-Royce Crash Cart is completely customizable to fit the exact needs of each user. Integrated power considerations, component storage, remote monitoring and teledose software represent only a portion of the nearly unlimited options available to end users.

Truly a self-contained unit, the new Rolls-Royce carts come equipped with every component needed for quick and easy system deployment. A lockable system lid and equally secure storage drawers ensure safe system storage and transport.

Rolls-Royce crash cart benefits

  • Respond to emergent situations faster and more efficiently with a self contained, stand alone mobile unit
  • Maintain reliable communications with field technicians, system operators and third parties when connected to facility network.
  • On board storage ensures all equipment is ready to deploy at a moments notice
  • Exceed ALARA objectives with quick and easy setup and tear down

Rolls-Royce crash cart features

  • Self Contained and stand alone
  • Completely customizable options for
    • Real time video & telemetry
    • Networking
    • Recording
    • Audio
    • System power
  • Lockable system lid and drawers
  • Quick and easy plug & play setup

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