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Waste processing systems

Rolls-Royce nuclear waste handling experience ensures the long-term wellbeing of vitrified nuclear waste. In some instances it requires canisters holding this waste to remain in interim hot-cell storage for up to 40 years. As the canisters generate heat, adequate and highly reliable cooling is required to avoid unwanted heat build-up during this time.

Proven Rolls-Royce techniques for meeting this challenge include:

  • an advanced package of heat transfer equipment based on a nuclear-qualified fan cooler supplying 300,000 BTU per hour of heat transfer to 10,000cfm of circulation air
  • using axial-type fans and eight rows of fin tube coils
  • the entire assembly is seismically qualified by Rolls-Royce
  • the fan coolers are designed and fabricated  to an ASME NQA-1 quality standard.

The customer benefits Rolls-Royce brings include:

  • Heat transfer analysis to determine optimum heat-exchange geometry
  • Analysis of the fan cooler air circuit to determine the operating parameters of the fan
  • Layout and packaging of the fan and heat exchanger to meet spatial constraints
  • Static analysis of the fan cooler assembly, including shielding, to verify structural integrity during earthquakes
  • Extensive performance testing.