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Process equipment

High-integrity engineering for safety-critical systems.

Rolls-Royce has the capability to design and build unique valve stations for use during on-line fuelling of CANDU reactors. These remotely-controlled fuelling machines use D2O as their hydraulic medium. This is in an intricate system of process control in which D2O-operated actuators are packaged in complex valve stations. These stations are designed to extremely fine tolerances for reliable and effective operation.

The complex structure of piping and components that controls the flow and pressure of D2O has both hydraulic and pneumatic systems. All piping and instrumentation systems in the valve stations are built to a suit a range of different ASME code sections and classes. They each have their own differing procurement, manufacturing, testing and inspection demands.

Through supply chain management and continuous development of in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to design and build D2O valve stations. These stations meet the most stringent customer, plant and legislative requirements.

Supporting capabilities include:

  • Fabrication of valve station support structure, brackets and clamps, piping subassemblies and components
  • Installation of D2O, pneumatic tubing and equipment
  • Installation of wiring, junction boxes and interconnecting cables
  • Hydrostatic and air leak testing and liquid penetrant inspection
  • Flushing and flow testing of completed panels
  • Drying and packaging for overseas shipment
  • Extensive performance testing