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Safe, efficient removal of detrimental liquids and gases

Drain traps designed, manufactured and supplied by Rolls-Royce perform two vital safety and plant integrity functions: to enable liquid to be drained from a gas process system through a technique such as liquid purge; and to remove trapped gases from a liquid process system, for example by gas release.

Liquid purge drain traps are used to remove condensate from air receivers and to extract moisture from process systems to reduce corrosion and maintain a fixed level of liquid in process tanks. Rolls-Royce designs feature metal-to-metal seats for maximum durability.

Gas release drain traps operate in liquid systems in which pressurised gas is detrimental to the operation of process components or where it could prove a danger, such as posing the risk of explosion. They are also used to bleed evolved gas from process vessels and release trapped air from a process system at start-up. Most of those used in gas service feature soft elastomer seats to minimise gas loss.

Both designs use a needle valve actuated by a float mechanism. In gas drain traps the buoyancy of the float closes the needle valve, while in liquid purge drain traps the float opens the valve.