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Rodline rod control system

Rodline rod control system is designed to safely and reliably manage the Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) within the nuclear reactor.

Rodline is the latest generation of digital Control Rod Control System developed by Rolls-Royce, based on 40 years of proven leading-edge experience and successful operation in more than 80 nuclear reactors worldwide. The Rodline system drives the rods in individual steps by precisely energizing electromagnets of the CRDM, in predetermined sequences.

Thanks to its flexible and modular design, Rodline can be installed in a range of different reactor types, to meet the requirements of both new build and retrofit markets. Our technology is designed to be scalable with the number of rods being controlled adaptable to suite various types of CRDM mechanisms. 


  • Safer and more available system thanks to coil-per-coil digital control
  • Easier operation and diagnostic through a comprehensive and modern man-machine interface
  • Enhanced maintenance thanks to standardized, hot-pluggable and self-configured power modules