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Propulsion remote control

Rolls-Royce has supplied remote controls for propellers and thrusters since the 1970s. We support these products through their lifecycles with upgrades that bring benefits to our customers from the latest developments in technology. Customers operating old remote control systems are able to update their equipment with the latest system, Helicon-X3, which can be used on different types of vessels or rigs.

The Helicon-X3 manoeuvring station is comprised of a lever and touch screen. As a minimum, manoeuvring stations are usually located on the bridge or pilot house and in the engine control room, but up to 6 manoeuvring stations and additional access screens can be supplied to suit customer requirements.

The new system is a compact design with key functions integrated into the ergonomic lever. The modern touch screen interface allows operators to access and control multiple thruster installations on a single screen.

Customer benefits

  • Helicon-X3 is simple and intuitive for crew to use, reducing risk of error and increasing safety.
  • Smoother operation from improved pitch control causes less wear and tear on the thrusters.
  • The system switches automatically between normal and back-up control to provide redundancy of pitch and azimuth control, which meets FMEA requirements for DP operations.
  • Ergonomic control levers and modern touch screens integrate easily in existing vessels as minimal space is required.
  • Components are based on a common control platform for seamless integration with other Rolls-Royce products and fewer spares are needed on-board.
  • Complete propulsion system performance is optimised when undertaking remote control upgrades, by applying our experience in complete vessel and system design.
  • Global 24/7 support is available from Rolls-Royce's extensive service network.