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Promas Lite

A propulsion system upgrade designed for reduced fuel consumption by integrating the design of rudder and propeller systems. Promas Lite is a version of the successful Rolls-Royce Promas integrated propeller and rudder system, designed specifically as an upgrade for vessels already in service.

The upgrade consists of three main components;

  • a bulb which is attached to the forward edge of the rudder
  • a hubcap which is bolted to the rear of the propeller
  • a set of redesigned propeller blades

Each Promas Lite system is custom engineered to an individual vessel. We model each solution using the extensive in-house CFD (computational fluid dynamics) capabilities at the Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamic Research Centre to ensure that each design is matched to the hull and specified operating profile.

  • Reduced fuel consumption: improvements of up to 20% can be expected depending on the vessel’s operating profile.
  • Reduced environmental impact: corresponding reduction in emissions with lower emission taxes.
  • Short payback period: depends on vessel operating profile, but a payback is typically achieved in less than two years.
  • Simple, robust design: the design doesn’t rely on any complex mechanical features.
  • Simple and quick installation: can be normally fitted during a routine dry-docking.
  • Lower maintenance costs: reduced engine loads means less oil consumption and potentially reduced engine wear.