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Our workshops are fully equipped to overhaul and repair the entire portfolio of Rolls-Royce marine products and operate to ISO quality standards. Located close to the waterfront, our workshops can undertake repairs on our largest products, providing a ‘one stop’ time saving solution for major overhauls, repairs or maintenance.

Blade repair container workshop

Our trained Rolls-Royce technicians will go through a series of steps to deliver fully refurbished blades:

  • Download the original CAD blade drawings
  • Complete a 3D measurement of the damage blade
  • Analyze and compare the measured blade to the original blade drawings
  • Restore the blade to original state by using the equipment to bend, weld, grind and/or polish
  • Balance the blade to align efficiency with the rest of the blade units

Oil flushing container workshop

Reduce expensive hydraulic system downtime

As the cost of sophisticated, high pressure systems continues to rise, proactive maintenance is imperative to maximise the system service life and minimise operating costs. The single most important preventive maintenance procedure is regular oil sampling and analysis. Over 96% of all hydraulic failures can be traced directly to oil that has been improperly cared for.

As long as the oil has not lost viscosity and has not been damaged by overheating, it can normally be reused by flushing the system. When the oil is just drained from the reservoir and the system replenished, several gallons of old oil and residues are left in the lines and components.

As new clean oil is introduced, it mixes with the old oil, absorbing the contaminants, circulating them through the system again to cause further damage. Flushing the system is the only way to remove these potentially damaging residues as part of the maintenance regime.

At Rolls-Royce, we recommend the following process to reduce expensive downtime:

  • Clean the hydraulic system properly
  • Keep the system clean
  • Monitor the hydraulic fluid
  • Maintaining cleanliness levelsAll flushing system units are based on ISO containers and are designed to operate virtually anywhere.