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Engines exchange pool

Simple to use

Limited time for scheduled dockings, less experienced engineering staff can mean there is often less time and on board resources available for engine maintenance or overhauls. Rolls-Royce developed the exchange pool as a time and labour saving alternative to conventional engine servicing.

Partial engine overhauls can be completed in a much shorter ‘window’ as they require fewer manhours to complete. Individual cylinder heads for example take around 12 hours to overhaul; using exchange units on a 9 cylinder engine overhaul will save around 100 manhours.

Flexible enough to suit your schedule

There is a lot of flexibility built into the programme as components do not have to be collected and dropped off at the same location.

For example, a vessel sailing from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico can collect a set of cylinder heads from Singapore – have the work undertaken in transit – and the heads dropped off in Galveston on arrival. Advise your Rolls-Royce service centre of your requirements, or we will work with you to establish your best overhaul option.

Supply & fit – Exchange components can be provided on a supply and fit basis, making engine overhauls and maintenance quick and hassle-free.

As each component has its own price structure, costs that include labour can normally be fixed by the local Rolls-Royce centre, as long as the returned units are repairable. All exchange units carry a full warranty for additional peace of mind.


Broad range of components

10 key components or assemblies are available for a broad range of Bergen diesel and gas engines – current and former models. All are tested and assembled to stringent factory tolerances and are updated to the current specification.

Consumable parts that are found worn beyond specified limits during refurbishment are automatically replaced, for optimum service life.

Engine models

  • Bergen L series
  • Bergen K series
  • Bergen KV gas
  • Bergen B32:36 series
  • Bergen B32:40 series
  • Bergen C25:33L series
  • Bergen C26:33L gas
  • Bergen B35:40 gas

Exchange units available

  • Cylinder head
  • Fuel injection pump
  • Fuel injection body
  • Governor/Actuator
  • Chino controller
  • Lubricating oil pump
  • Tandem gearwheel pump
  • Vibration damper
  • Start air valve
  • Oil mist detector, measuring head and pressure reducer

Global coverage

All operators of Bergen engines can use the Exchange pool which is accessed through your nearest Rolls-Royce service centre. Please provide:

  • Vessel name, engine model & build no.
  • Type and number of components required
  • Preferred collection centre
  • Date and time of arrival
  • Preferred return centre

We will provide a detailed quotation and manage delivery and collection. We can also provide service technicians where required.

Exchange centres around the world

  • Fort Lauderdale USA
  • New Orleans, USA
  • St. John’s Canada
  • Seattle, USA
  • Galveston, USA
  • Dunfermline, Scotland UK
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Walvis Bay, Namibia
  • Mumbai, India

Using the Exchange pool enables you to overhaul on the go for additional flexibility.

Customer benefits

Simple and flexible

By understanding your requirements we can arrange for a container of exchange units to be available at your selected location on the specified date and time.  Using the exchange pool has many benefits:

  • Less downtime / fewer manhours – No stripping or repair of sub assemblies.
  • Flexibility – repairs or partial overhauls can be done during your next voyage.
  • Consistent quality – All units overhauled to Rolls-Royce standards with full warranty. No surprises – you know the cost at the start.
  • Reduced spares inventory – fewer spares and tools required on board.