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MarineCare is a long-term service agreement providing a range of services including planned and unplanned maintenance for maximum availability at a fixed annual fee. Different operational environments demand different levels of support. MarineCare provides solutions matched to each vessel, with the agreed annual fee based on the level of service selected and the vessel’s operating profile. This provides visibility with predictable maintenance costs and unplanned breakdowns are minimised with the integration of planned maintenance and Equipment Health Management.

MarineCare forms part of a portfolio of advanced services including Equipment Health Management (EHM) and Energy Monitoring. By leveraging our wide product expertise, system integration capability and vessel knowledge, our aim is to provide industry-leading support and service solutions designed to optimise vessel performance through life.

The integrated offering includes:

  • MarineCare: Long-term service agreement providing a range of services to support planned and unplanned maintenance at a fixed annual fee
  • EHM: Monitoring and management of  key equipment to increase availability and optimise maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Energy Monitoring: Onboard monitoring of fuel consumption, operational mode, energy flow and distribution

MarineCare will enable vessel owners and operators to:

  • Increase vessel availability
  • Optimise maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Keep visibility and control of long-term maintenance cost
  • Focus on core operations
  • Improve documentation and knowledge management