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RR500 turboshaft

The RR500 turboshaft engine is a new edition to the growing family of Rolls-Royce small gas turbine engines specifically designed to deliver performance and the bottom-line benefits that operators need most.

The RR500 provides enhanced power with ample flat rating capability, featuring ruggedised components and extended overhaul intervals. These improvements are grounded in an unmatched small gas turbine experience base, coupled with leading edge technology.

Key features

  • Excellent take-off and hot & high power
  • 2,000/4,000 hour Maintenance Intervals
  • Simplified, rugged compressor
  • Enhanced gear durability
  • Improved lubrication system
  • Electronic Engine Monitoring Unit
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Reduced thru-life costs
  • Designed for ease of retrofit