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  • Thrust range from 13,850 lbf to 15,400 lbf
  • More than 13 million flying hours accumulated

The Tay provides the quietest operation in its class and has levels of emissions well below those required for current and future regulations. The engine has proven extremely reliable and durable in demanding short-haul operations.

The Tay 611-8 on the Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft is renowned for its reliability, essential in a military environment. The aircraft is used for VIP transport and multi-role surveillance operations with a number of military customers around the world.

The Tay 650 on the Fokker 100 aircraft and the 651 on the re-engined Boeing 727, provide increased maximum thrust for take-off, climb and cruise, plus efficiency improvements through small increases in fan diameter and an advanced high-pressure turbine.