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The MTR390 is a collaborative turboshaft engine offered by MTR, a partnership between Rolls-Royce, MTU and Turbomeca.

  • Next-generation European turboshaft
  • First production Tiger aircraft rolled-out January 2003
  • More than 250 engines in service
  • Powers the Tiger Helicopter currently in operation with France, Germany, Spain, and Australia

Development of the MTR390 was initially been undertaken to power the Franco-German Eurocopter Tiger anti-tank and escort/support helicopter. Tiger Helicopter deliveries commenced in 2003.

The MTR390 is suitable for a wide range of civil and military uses in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, both in single and twin-engine installations. The MTR390 is known for its ample emergency power, high output-shaft power capability, low fuel consumption under partial load, simple maintenance and low cost of ownership.

In September 2003, Spain became the second export customer for the Tiger. To meet the needs of the Spanish operating environment, MTR developed an enhanced variant in partnership with ITP, offering 14 percent additional power, called the MTR390-E. France and Spain have ordered Tiger Helicopter HAD variants, equipped with MTR390-E engines.