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  • Thrust range up to 11,995 lbf
  • More than 50 million flying hours accumulated
  • More than 2,768 civil and military variants produced

The Spey first entered service more than 30 years ago and is used by military and civil customers around the world. The military Spey was developed to meet the needs of high performance aircraft in both subsonic and, with reheat, supersonic operations.

The Spey 807 powers the AMX strike aircraft, in service in Italy and Brazil. Other Spey variants, such as the Spey 250, power the BAE SYSTEMS Nimrod MR2 patrol aircraft. The engine also powers military versions of Gulfstream GII and GIII aircraft in service in VIP transport and reconnaissance roles with a number of armed forces around the world.

Besides military power, the Spey provides civil application power on the Gulfstream GII and GIII executive aircraft, although the civil version is no longer in production. Other aircraft powered by the Spey include the BAC 1-11 and Fokker F28.