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Additional images of the Rolls-Royce LiftSystem can be found on the Rolls-Royce Defence Flickr website.

MacRobert Award 2014
June 2014 | Ingenia Online 
Overview of the Rolls-Royce LiftSystem and additional 2014 MacRobert Award finalists.

Marine Machine
June 2014 | The Magazine, pg. 5 
“For the United States Marine Corps, tactical aviation exists for one primary reason – to support Marines on the ground.” An in-depth look at the mission flexibility and functionality the F-35B Lightning II provides the United States Marine Corps. 
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2014 MacRobert Award finalists revealed 
28 April 2014 | Royal Academy of Engineering 
Three UK companies: OptaSense, the UK company creating the 'Earth's Nervous System'; Cobalt Light Systems, an SME using cutting-edge materials science to fight terrorism; and Rolls-Royce, the engineering giant behind the world's first vertical take-off system for a supersonic fighter jet, have been revealed as this year's finalists for the most prestigious UK engineering award.

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