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Underlying revenue at £2,035m was 5% lower on a constant currency basis (down 2% at actual exchange rates). Lower original equipment volumes for helicopters and trainers were partially offset by growth in LiftSystem™ volumes. Aftermarket revenues reflected lower volumes on helicopter spares partially offset by higher revenues related to long-term service agreements for UK combat aircraft.

Despite the reduced revenues, gross margin improved to 28.5%. Lower helicopter volumes and lower margins on some transport contract extensions were offset by higher LiftSystem volumes and increased retrospective margin improvements of £101m (2014: £53m) on existing long-term contracts. These relate to various combat platforms, where overall profitability has been improved by changed flying patterns and lower service costs, including approximately £40m (2014: £nil) due to one-off contract and scope variations.

Overall R&D costs were £20m higher in 2015 reflecting increased investment in new programmes. Restructuring costs were lower due to reduced level of severance costs and lower costs related to changing our operational footprint. Underlying profit before financing of £393m was 4% up on the prior year on a constant currency basis, reflecting the lower volumes, the one-off margin improvements, increased R&D charges and lower restructuring charges. As a result, operating margin improved by 170 basis points to 19.3%.

For additional information, please reference our 2015 Annual Report.