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Our next generation of services, digitally enabled and focused on customer outcomes

We recognise that good service is much more than just engine maintenance. In fact, it only accounts for about 4% of an airline’s Direct Operating Cost. We believe there is a further 65% of engine influenced costs that we can support our customers with. That is why we have developed a broad range of Service Solutions to help keep our customers’ engines generating maximum value for as long as they have them. We have grouped our Service Options into Maintenance, Availability, Efficiency and Asset Value Service Solutions all underpinned by our digital capabilities.

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Providing customers with choice and flexibility across the product lifecycle

Keeping even the world’s best jet engines operating efficiently, reliably and safely is a complex challenge. We recognise that this technical challenge needs to be integrated with a customer’s business requirements. This means that there is no single “best way” to maintain your engines. We have developed a range of maintenance solutions that offer technical excellence and compelling value. We also offer the reassurance that comes from our 100 years of aero-engine experience. We are the 'Original' Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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Superior asset availability through optimised maintenance management & parts supply

As part of the Availability Service Solution we have developed a range of Service Options aimed at ensuring that a customer’s aircraft is ready and available at the gate to fly when they need it.

The engine must have all the right parts, in the right condition in the right place. To achieve this we have developed Material Management service options. The engine also needs to have had the right line maintenance – we can provide this for our customers and we can sell or lease you the parts and tooling that they would need to perform line maintenance themselves.

The final requirement of an available engine is that it’s in the right place. We have developed a range of transportation services to ensure that customers' engines arrive when and where they need them. 

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Best product performance, guaranteed to deliver lowest possible operating costs

We have the right expertise and the right software tools to ensure that our customers’ engines are operated as efficiently and safely as possible. We have developed a range of fuel management capabilities to help them tackle their single largest cost driver. We have comprehensive engine health monitoring techniques to strike the optimum balance between low maintenance cost and high fuel efficiency yet with the lowest levels of operational disruption. We also have a suite of advanced data solutions that can help our customers manage their assets and to accurately forecast and understand their costs. 

Best product performance, guaranteed to deliver lowest possible operating costs. We can even provide customers with EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Safety Management System compliant data solutions. 

Asset Value
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Optimised asset value in all stages of life to ensure best residual values

The airline business is fiercely competitive and this means that the maximum value must be extracted from our customers’ investments. We believe that our engines and their associated services offer excellent value and that an engine that has been cared for by Rolls-Royce will generally have superior residual value. Our service packages can help provide customers with the flexibility and portability that make engines easier to sell and hence maximise their resale price. 

In addition we can help customers extract value through services that minimise their capital investment, such as initial parts provisioning leasing and spare engine leasing options.

We can also help customers minimise their costs as their engines exit the fleet, through services such as TotalCare Flex, which releases value back as customers approach engine retirement or our Lease Return Conditions offering, which helps customers minimise the cost of handing back engines to a lessor. 

Digital capabilities
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Service Solutions powered by our suite of digital capabilities 

We are experts in delivering complete engine control systems and harnessing the power of operational data. ‘Big Data’ isn’t new to us; we already analyse billions of data points every flight, but we are investing heavily in the field of Smart Data & Analytics to ensure that our systems are robust, truly predictive and fully integrated.

We have been exploring ways to add value to our customers in areas such as Maintenance, Availability, Efficiency and Asset Value. The cornerstone of this approach lies in how we harness our product understanding and fleet-wide experience. Through the deployment of our suite of digital capabilities, we are able to offer unparalleled intelligence to help customers reduce their operational costs, increase fleet availability, lower emissions and improve safety standards. Ultimately, this unique end-to-end approach supports our customers in running a safe, efficient and sustainable business.